Welcome to St George Foot Clinic, Kogarah.

An Established Podiatrist Business Since 1998.


With over 20 Years’ experience Harry Lembidakis strongly believes in addressing the cause rather than only focusing on the symptoms at hand. With effective assessing and evaluation of causative factors there is greater opportunity for a successfully outlined treatment plan.

Harry Lembidakis has an enormous passion for the field of podiatry and understands the importance for thorough Postural and Gait analysis. The extensive analysis combined with weight bearing corrected cast is absolutely essential and something the St George Foot Clinic prides itself on. This brings us one step closer to addressing inefficient biomechanics that consequently can lead to the varying pathologies affecting our feet and lower limb.

In recent years Harry Lembidakis has also successfully coached Football teams at the EARLWOOD Wanderers Football Club where his knowledge with implemetation of rehabilation, Orthoses and sports taping has greatly assisted the success of his football teams.


Our feet are an example of complex human engineering. Harry has had continued success in the implementation of orthotic therapy. This has been greatly assisted with the use of the ABC‘s New Inventors award winning ….‘FOOT ALIGNMENT SYSTEM’.

The FAS is the only scientifically proven mechanism that attains a corrective orthotic from a weight bearing casted position.  An accurate weight bearing cast is essential and arguably the most significant component for addressing inefficient biomechanics today.

On other occasions Harry has simply implemented a change in footwear accompanied with a simple rehabilitation, such as stretching and strengthening that has assisted with the many pathologies and sporting injuries affecting our feet and lower limbs.

In recent years other Allied Health Practitioners have also become prescribers of orthoses through computer systems. However it should be noted that unlike other Allied Health Practitioners, Podiatrists have a greater understanding in the manufacturing process allowing them to fit and adjust the orthoses satisfying their patient’s needs.